Annual Concerts

I stage annual concerts that serve as fundraisers for BCC.   Working in collaboration with the congregation’s development/marketing committee, I oversee and coordinate all musical aspects of the concerts.  These concerts have proven to be significant fundraising events, as well as joyful occasions for the congregation. To check out a selection of produced concerts, click here.

Vision Awards

For BCC’s major annual fundraiser, the Vision Awards, I produce, direct and perform the music, including writing original music for the occasion. In addition to my musical responsibilities, I solicit event sponsorships and tribute advertisements for the commemorative booklet.

Great Chefs Great Homes

I participated in revitalizing and spearheading the Great Chefs/Great Homes program, which featured multi-course gourmet meals at congregants’ homes. I recruited hosts, offered food and music for the events, and acted as host or co-host for several meals.  The participating hosts offered a variety of menus, to accommodate various age groups and food interests as well as levels of affordability. These unique events provided community members with an opportunity to gather with others to enjoy delicious food in the comfort of the host’s home, while raising funds for the synagogue.

BCC’s website

Although outside of my cantorial responsibilities, I designed and built BCC’s website.  This was part of a development and marketing effort to update BCC’s online presence and raise its profile in the wider community.  The website was active between 2013-2021. View the archived website here.


I produced an album, titled “Shalem”, in honor of BCC’s 40th anniversary.  The album features my original song House of New Life dedicated to the community and other tracks co-written with congregants. Part of the proceeds from sales of the album benefitted the congregation.

Honey From the Heart

I helped implement Honey From the Heart, in which jars of honey, purchased by members of the community for the High Holidays raised funds for the congregation.