Video Recordings

Mah Tovu
Music by Danny Maseng
Hayom Harat Olam
Music by Eli Jaffe & Azi Schwartz
Traditional melody;
Flute by Shir Zehavi
Oseh Shalom (Spanish Portuguese)
Violin by Janice Markham
Music and string arrangement by Juval Porat
Featuring the JAC trio
Music by Mosh Ben Ari;
Arrangement by Dan Nichols.
For my Synagogue’s 2021 annual fundraiser I produced this video, which features members of the choir, as well as current and previous clergy of the synagogue.
Mi Chamocha (Arian)
Recorded on December 3 2021
J.J. Ross, percussion
Max Berlin, piano
Cantor Juval Porat, voice
V’shamru (Rothblum)
Recorded on August 25 2022
Janice Markham, violin